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Welcome to Elite Bedding Store Adelaide

Beds, Mattresses, Bedding & Bedroom Furniture

A quality night sleep all starts with your bed! The mattress you sleep on is one of the most important items of furniture you can invest in. Where comfort, back support and a good night’s sleep are concerned, there’s little room for compromise. Why? You spend a third of your life in bed. It is where your body and mind rest and heal making it the most important item for your general health and wellbeing. You need to invest in the BEST mattress you can afford. Just remember, if it’s not comfortable it’s probably not going to be the mattress for you.

Elite Bedding Co. is your local mattress manufacturer specialising in retail bedding, commercial bedding and custom-made mattresses. We can create custom-made mattresses of any shape and size for caravans, motor homes and boats. Further to this, we can supply foam mattresses, leg fittings, decorator bases, zip-together beds, mattress protectors, quilts, quilt covers, sheet sets and pillows – we’ve got all your bedding needs sorted! All of our mattresses and ensembles are designed and manufactured in our factory which can be viewed from our Showroom.

Where possible our products are made in Australia, for Australians. Our prices are low and our customer satisfaction is high. We take great pride in delivering quality products, friendly customer service and a reputation to match. Elite Bedding Co. source local product from Trak Furniture, which is a subsidiary of Minda Incorporated who is at the forefront of the disability services in South Australia. Drop by our showroom to view our wide range of bedding ensembles and mattresses, each featuring state-of-the-art technology and customised-comfort options!