Ways to relax before bed

Sometimes unwinding at the end of a long day is tough. We have a million things on our minds and a never ending to-do list! But taking 15-30 minutes out each night to do something relaxing before bed is a great way to help your body and mind relax and ensure a better night’s sleep.

Here’s some of our favourite things to do before bed:

  • A warm cup of herbal tea with a great book is a great way to ease your mind before bed
  • Take a¬†warm bath with lavender oil and petals for a truly decadent and relaxing treat that will have you off to dream land in no time
  • Deep breathing or gentle meditation is a wonderful tool that can help you switch off from the world
  • Listen to soothing music – instrumental or old school blues, whatever will help you to unwind.
  • Lock away those devices! There’s nothing more stressful than hearing email notifications at 10pm… put that phone away!

Try one of these tonight and we bet you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated come morning.