Build Your Bed

Because only you know what really hits the spot

Choose What
Goes in and on
Your Perfect Mattress

Build Your Bed with Elite Bedding – You choose what goes in and on your custom made mattress!

At Elite we understand that your bed is a very personal and important household purchase. It can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of comfort and design. So we decided what you sleep on should be up to you !

Our Build Your Bed program allows you to choose what goes in and on your perfect mattress. You can choose the comfort layers, the style and design elements and the base that suits your needs.

Does your partner prefer sleeping on a hard surface?

Do you prefer the feeling of dreaming on soft clouds?

Would you love your mattress design to suit your bedroom styling?

Do you prefer a base that allows you to store those shoes that don’t fit the wardrobe?